Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cornell Update

Hello this is Ana Garibo, Wendy Espinoza and Yoline Banerjee reporting from Cornell to our West Contra Costa District! We have just completed our second day of Psychology class.

Ana Garibo: I'm am so happy and glad I got to come to Cornell. So far the classes have been so interesting. I learned that evolution has a lot to do with Psychology. Our minds evolve and because of it, we think different from any other person. The sections have been also very helpful and our TAs are very helpful. The seminars are the most interesting. We have talked about various mental health problems, such as ADD and ADHD. Mrs. Casey Car, our seminar teacher has also shared with us about the experiences she's had with people with this mental illnesses. I'll be updating everyone on what we experience and how it goes. Hope you are interested in knowing more!

Wendy Espinoza: Woosh, Cornell time came and man its great. Our Professor Tom Gilovich shows passion in what he teaches us. He's animated and teaches in an interesting way. He starts off every morning by either playing an upbeat song or a cartoon. By this we see the psychological phenomenon of the way humans are compelled to stop speaking after a song that has been playing stops. So far we are studying Evolutionary psychology and the laws of attraction. Casey carr is our seminar instructor. She has given us information on what a person can do with a psychology major.

Yoline Banerjee:SOOO, here I am, at my Dorm, Donlan Hall. Definitely different from Brown, but a nice change. Being here at Cornell is showing me a different side of the "college life". Its HUGE, and there are actual lectures. Woa. I myself just came back from a pretty intense homework session. Yet, there is still more. I'm still here, and totally loving it. The course is intense, but what I am getting out of it feels very rewarding.


Tammy Campbell said...

It is wonderful to hear from you students. It sounds like you are all doing well and learning a lot. We are so proud of you all. Keep working hard and we can't wait for further reports.

dongosney said...

Now tell me, isn't this a lot better than flipping burgers at the In-n-Out?

You're spending time away from home pretty much on your own, you're getting an education that would normally be unavailable to you, you're meeting new people while bonding with others from your own area. and you're learning the finer points of doing your own laundry. And the best part of it is that you're getting someone else to pay for it.

Does life really get any better than this?

In all seriousness, this blog is a BIG hit with these of us you left behind and we're checking the blog many times each day to see what's posted and to check out the photos. Please keep both the words and the images coming.